Photos from Previous Toronto Prayer Breakfasts

2023 Comments from Evaluation Cards

The prayers by Donnie Persaud were excellent. I felt they were inclusive of all sectors and very anointed. Well done! – J. S.

Event started on time and moved along nicely! – J.H.

Really appreciate how much prayer there was compared to others I’ve attended. -B.T.

Loved the prayer time. Great message! – D.M.

Thank you for the event. I found it uplifting. – L.B.
Such energy in returning in-person since the covid shutdown. Speaker was so on target. – I.G.

Wonderful time of prayer and fellowship. Great breakfast, but no ketchup. – L.Y.

Lovely event. Great method of praying for groups. – A.W.

2021 Comments from Evaluation Cards

What a way to pray & praise the Lord on this glorious day together brothers and sisters! -Tim

Thank you for pivoting and making this prayer gathering happen this year. More than ev-er we need to unite and prayer together. -Christina

Beautiful worship -Barry

Beautiful and anointed worship -Tessa

This is my 3rd time prayer breakfast but it’s good that it could be done online, to God be the glory – Diana

Eloquent and seasoned preaching to God be the glory. Awesome breakfast meeting. Thanks to all involved. -Jerome

Glad to be here for the first ever virtual Toronto Prayer Breakfast. ..have attended in per-son before! – Hilary

2020 Comments from Evaluation Cards

Great Breakfast! – S.Z.

Speaker, Format for Prayer, Worship Leader excellent.

Great speaker. Good music.

Thanks for everything. I’m a New Believer. – N.P.

I believe this is a great way of bringing Christians together. This is what Heaven will look like. One Body with many members. – V.L.

I was really touched. This is my first prayer breakfast and To God be the Glory! Blessings – we must have more of these. – L.F.

This is a great event. I liked the prayer and music. Great venue. – A.Z.

The speaker was awesome. – B.S.

It was a good breakfast. – M.K.

Enjoyed the speaker and worship. – J.S.

It was extremely empowering and enlightening. – A.W.

Love the event. What an amazing mix of people in the Kingdom! Very well done. – L.C.

I came here to see friends but will leave truly blessed. Thank You! It is life impacting and I am also glad to be a part of the prayer time today. Blessings on more times like this one! Thank You! – L.Y.

Great event! – P.T.

Beautiful and Amazing. – C.B.

Amazing! – T.G.

Great. Thank You. God Bless! – M.Y.

Good breakfast, well organized and attended.

Please continue. – D.H.

Beautiful message. Lovely breakfast. Beautifully organized. – H.E.

Very good program. – N.R.

Very well attended – C.H.

Great program. Well organized.

Enlightening morning. Very inspirational and grounding. – B.S.

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