About Us


The Prayer Breakfast Movement originated in Seattle, Washington, and soon spread throughout the United States and Canada. In 1964 the first National Prayer Breakfast was held in Ottawa and the Province of Ontario followed this example in 1969.

The “Scarborough Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast” originated in October 1994, when Joyce Trimmer, then Mayor of the City of Scarborough, hosted the event. The late Frank Faubert, who succeeded Mayor Trimmer, continued to host the breakfast until Scarborough became part of the City of Toronto in 1998. That year the name was changed to “Scarborough Community Prayer Breakfast”, representing an area with a population of some 650,000. In January 2000 the decision was made to expand the horizon of the breakfast to serve the eastern GTA, encompass the area east of Yonge Street as far as Oshawa, and from the lake front north to Steeles Avenue. The event became known as The Greater Toronto East Prayer Breakfast.

In 2016, the Steering Committee decided to change the event’s name to the Toronto Prayer Breakfast, to reflect the mission of serving the entire City of Toronto.

Mission and Vision

The Toronto Prayer Breakfast brings Christians together to pray for our leaders and our community, as a public expression of our Christian love and faith.

Steering Committee 2022-23

Fazal Karim Jr., Chair
Mike Noble, Vice-Chair
Ruthlyn Thompson-Weir, Treasurer
Veleyne Amsterdam, Secretary

Jean Henry
Grace Mullings
Donnie Persaud
Malcolm Seath
Desiree Sills
Dan Snooks

The Toronto Prayer Breakfast Steering Committee is an all-volunteer team of local Christians that meets at least once a month to plan and produce the annual Breakfast. Many of the volunteers are involved with pastoral or prayer team activities at their local congregations. If you are interested in joining the Committee, please contact us, including your area(s) of interest and expertise. Also include the name of your home congregation and details of your participation.